DXF Translator

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Note: The DXF translator is only available if you have purchased a DXF Translator license from Sonnet. Please see your system administrator if you are unsure of the availability of this program.


The DXF translator inputs a DXF file from a circuit layout program and converts it to a Sonnet project file. When you select File ⇒ Import ⇒ DXF from the project editor menu, a Browse window opens which allows you to select the DXF file you wish to import. Once the input file is selected, the Import Wizard is opened.

The Wizard has four main pages, and two other pages may appear based on your selections. See the Import Wizard for more information. 

Once the DXF file has been imported, you normally need to perform some minor adjustments using the project editor.


The DXF translator converts your Sonnet project file and outputs a DXF file. When you select File ⇒ Export ⇒ DXF from the project editor menu, the Export Wizard is opened. See the Export Wizard for more information.