Em Server Settings

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To open the Em Server Settings page, select Admin - Setup from the session tab main menu. In the Sonnet Administration dialog box which appears, click on Em Server Settings in the sidebar menu.

This page is used if you wish to set up your computer to act as an Em server, which allows analysis jobs to be executed remotely on it. See the Remote em Computing Manual for more details.

Start: Clicking on the Start button starts emserver, the em server process. Once it is started, you may click on the Stop button to stop emserver.

Block: Click on this button to stop any new jobs from being added to the em server queue. This is useful if you do not wish to stop emserver because of a presently running job but want to stop emserver when the job is completed. This button is only enabled when emserver is running.

Test License: Pressing the Test License button checks to see if you have the required license to use your machine as an em server.

View Log File: Open's the server's log file.

There are two tabs in the Em Server Settings page: Jobs and Advanced. Click on the links below for more information on each tab.