Gerber Translator

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The Gerber translator allows you to import PCB designs using Gerber artwork and drill files into a Sonnet project file. The import settings can be saved in a job file and used to improve efficiency, with subsequent imports. The Gerber RS274X format is supported.

When you select File - Import - Gerber from the project editor menu or Session tab menu, you will be asked if you wish to select artwork and drill files or use a job file. In either case,  the Import Wizard is opened. The Netex-G window will be opened as part of the import process.

Once the Gerber files have been imported, you normally need to perform some minor adjustments using the project editor.


To output your Sonnet project in a Gerber format, select File  Export  Gerber from the project editor main menu. The Export Wizard is opened to perform the conversion. Please see the Export Wizard for more information.

Note: The Gerber Translator is only available if you have purchased a Gerber Translator license from Sonnet. Please see your system administrator if you are unsure of the availability of this program. The Gerber Translator is only available on Windows platforms.