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To open the License page, select Admin - Setup from the session tab main menu. In the Sonnet Administration dialog box which appears, then click on License in the sidebar menu. Or you may select the Admin - License command to open up the dialog box with this page displayed.

The License page of the Sonnet Administration dialog box allows you to setup and check the status of your licensing. You need a valid license in order to use Sonnet Software. There are five tabs in the License page: License, HostIDs, Sonnet License ID, Status, Restrict Suite.

For more information on a tab, select a tab below:


Setup Sonnet Lite

Host IDs

License ID


Restrict Suite

If you do not yet have a license, you can request a license at Licensing information will be emailed to you from Sonnet; follow the instructions in the email. Please save a copy of this email for future reference.