ODB++ Translator

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The ODB++ translator allows you to import  PCB designs using an ODB++ database into a Sonnet project file. ODB ++7.x. and 8.x. databases are supported.

The ODB++ translator only allows you to import ODB++ files or directories; you may not export a Sonnet project to the ODB++ format.

Note: The ODB++ Translator is only available if you have purchased a Gerber Translator license from Sonnet. Please see your system administrator if you are unsure of the availability of this program. The ODB++ Translator is only available on Windows platforms.

When you select File  Import  ODB++ from the project editor menu, the following occurs:

  1. The Import Control dialog box appears which allows you to assign the project to which you wish to import the ODB++ file or directory.
  2. When the Import Control dialog box is closed, the Netex-G Window appears on your display with the ODB++ Import Window opened. The ODB++ Import window allows you to import an ODB++ archive or directory. This converts the ODB++ files to Gerber files and populates the settings of the Netex-G window.
  3. You click on the Import button in the Netex-G window to translate the converted ODB++  files. Once the translation is complete, the Import Options dialog box is opened.
  4. Once you have selected the translation options, the Import Status dialog box appears in which you execute the file import. Click on the Import button to import the Gerber files into the Sonnet project. When you close the Import Status dialog box, the translated layers appear in your project editor window.
  1. Once the ODB++ archive file or directory has been imported, you normally need to perform some minor adjustments using the project editor.