Standard Evaluation Installation

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If you are installing a standard evaluation copy of Sonnet software on a single machine, with no prior Sonnet installation, see the summary below of the steps you need to perform in order to install Sonnet software.

      1. Go to to submit your license request. Once you receive your licensing information from Sonnet, continue with the installation.
      2. To install your software, double-click on the “setup_sonnet17xx.msi” file included in your download and follow the on-screen instructions.
      3. If you do not have a hardware key, go to Step 4. If you are using a Hardware Key, please see the Driver Installation Guide in our FlexNet Guides
      4. If you provided a dongle ID when you requested your license, please follow the directions in the licensing e-mail you received from Sonnet Software. Once the hardware key is installed, continue at Step 5.
      5. Follow the directions in the licensing information e-mail you received from Sonnet Software in response to the License Request Form.

Select File - New Geometry from the main menu of the Sonnet session tab to open a project editor tab to verify that the installation is correct.

Be aware that the majority of this manual is devoted to advanced issues and troubleshooting the Floating License Manager, which is not part of a standard evaluation copy.