Sonnet Lite Information

Sonnet LiteTM is a feature-limited version of Sonnet's professional Sonnet Suites, allowing you to analyze small planar circuits such as microstrip matching networks, spiral inductors with bridges, coupled transmission lines, and microwave filters. You may also use Sonnet Lite to view any Sonnet project which was created with Sonnet Professional version 18 or lower.

Version 18 of Sonnet Lite introduces a completely remastered interface with windows that provide almost infinite flexibility. In addition, the memory limit for Sonnet Lite has increased to 64 MB, allowing you to simulate larger circuits than previous versions. For a detailed list of other planar structures and capabilities visit the Sonnet Lite web page.

New to Sonnet Lite? Learn how to create and simulate your first circuit in Sonnet Lite using the Getting Started Tutorial.

Sonnet Suites documentation includes all the features for the Sonnet Professional Version. To learn more about the capabilities of the Sonnet Lite analysis suite, see the list of detailed features. To see the Sonnet Lite license agreement, see EULA  (Lite Only)