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The Job Queue tab is shown below. A Job Queue tab is opened in order to run an analysis. For instructions on opening a Job Queue tab, please see Opening the Job Queue.

When a Job Queue tab is opened, if any remote servers are defined, the Select Server dialog box appears which allows you to select to which server you wish to assign the job queue. Any analysis jobs submitted to the queue are run on the selected server. If no remote servers have been defined, the queue reverts to your local computer.

The Queue Type drop list determines the conditions for when a queue starts running the job(s) in it. The three settings are:

You may have multiple queue tabs open in the Job Queue tab. If you have multiple em licenses, you may run jobs on your local machine and multiple em server computers simultaneously, by opening a queue tab for each available server. The name of the server assigned to the queue appears on the queue tab, You may then add projects to each queue and monitor their progress by clicking on the desired queue tab.

The jobs are submitted to the server assigned to a queue in the order they appear in the queue starting at the top of the list. An icon appears in front of each project entry to indicate its status as shown in the table below.



The project is waiting in the queue and has not yet been analyzed.

The project is presently being analyzed.

An error has occurred during the analysis. Click on the Error/Warnings tab in the Analysis output window for an explanation. Error conditions stop the analysis.

A warning has occurred during an analysis.  Click on the Error/Warnings tab in the Analysis output window for an explanation. The analysis runs to completion.

The analysis of the project is completed.

The analysis of the project is stopped.

The job is running on a remote server, and has been disconnected.

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