Opening the Job Queue tab

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Note that there may only be one Job Queue tab open in a Sonnet session. A Job Queue tab may contain multiple queue tabs, and each may be assigned to a different server.

If a Job Queue tab is not already open, there are several ways to open a Job Queue tab in your session:

    1. Click on the Analyze Project button on the Sonnet task bar.


     2. Select File - Analyze from the main menu in the Session tab.

     3. Select Launch - Analyze from the main menu of any other application tab.

     4. Click on the Analyze button in the Launch tool bar in any other application tab


NOTE: If a Job Queue tab already exists, then using any of the above methods adds the selected project to the existing Job Queue tab.

If you have any remote em servers configured when the Job Queue tab is opened, the Select Server dialog box is opened so that you can assign the queue to the desired server. If the only server available is your local computer, then any new queue tab is automatically assigned to "This Computer."