Cadence Virtuoso Interface

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Sonnet Suite’s plug-in for the Cadence Virtuoso suite enables the RFIC designer to configure and run the em analysis from a layout cell, extract accurate electrical models, and create a schematic symbol for Analog Design Environment simulation with Spectre, HSPICE and Golden Gate by Keysight. A Broadband Spice extraction module is also available that provides high-order Spice models suitable for Spice simulation.

Please see below for more details on the Cadence Virtuoso Interface.

Sonnet Menu in Cadence Layout window

You load this menu in the Layout view or SonnetEM view by selecting Launch - Sonnet from the main menu of the Layout window.

Sonnet - Create Sonnet em View

Sonnet - Delete Sonnet em View

Sonnet - Open Interface Application

Sonnet - Convert Tech Process Files

Main Interface Window

There are eight sections in the main window of the Sonnet Cadence Virtuoso Interface (CVI). Click on the links below for more information about each section.


Setup Options

Analysis Box






Simulate: Clicking on this button launches your Sonnet analysis. For more details, see Analysis - Simulate.

View Response: Clicking on this button launches Sonnet's response viewer. For more details, see Results - View Response. Note that this button is only enabled after a simulation when response data is available.

Estimate Memory: Clicking on this button subsections your circuit in order to estimate the required memory needed to perform your analysis. For more details, see Analysis - Estimate Memory.

View Subsections: See Tools - View Subsections.

Interface Main Menu

The main menu of the Cadence Virtuoso Interface appears at the top of the interface window. Click on the links below for more information on the menus.

Session menu

Setup menu

Tools menu

Analysis menu

Results menu

Models menu

For a detailed discussion of the Cadence Virtuoso Interface, see  the Cadence Virtuoso Interface manual. A knowledge of both the Cadence Virtuoso and Sonnet environments is assumed. .