Running FLEXnet with Multiple Vendors

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You may have multiple license managers from multiple vendors configured in the FLEXnet license manager program. The Lmtools interface will allow you to select the service name you wish to control. Click on the Configure Using Services radio button on the Service/License File page of the Lmtools interface (default page when Lmtools is invoked.) Check that the entry selected in the list of available services located just below the radio buttons is the release of Sonnet you wish to execute and not another release or vendor. An example is shown below.

NOTE: You may have multiple License managers running simultaneously from multiple vendors. However, you may only run one Sonnet license manager at a time.

On the PC, you may NOT combine “sonnet.lic” files from other vendors; you must have a lmgrd with a single “sonnet.lic” file dedicated to Sonnet. Other vendors must have their own lmgrd and “*.lic” file.