Removing an Older Release After Installation

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When Sonnet software is installed, a mapping of filename extensions to applications is provided to Windows. This allows you to double-click on a file to invoke a program. When the software is uninstalled, this map is removed from Windows. So, if you remove an older release of Sonnet software when there are two or more releases installed on your computer, you will remove the mapping used by all Sonnet applications.

Therefore, if you decide to remove an older version of software, you should perform the following:

    1.  Uninstall the older release.
    2.  Uninstall the current release
    3.  Re-install the current release in the same directory as before. This will restore the filename extension to application mapping in Windows.
    4.  Be sure to check the Server/License File page of the Lmtools interface to ensure that the latest release of the license manager is selected under the Service. For instructions, refer to Starting the License Manager.