Starting the License Manager

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If you are attempting to run FLEXnet with multiple vendors, please refer to Running FLEXnet with Multiple Vendors.

The Sonnet menu provides a License Manager Tools (Lmtools) interface on the License page of the Sonnet Administration dialog box. This interface allows you to start and stop the FLEXnet license manager program and vendor daemons.

When you click on the Start button in the Lmtools interface, the lmgrd.exe program is launched. The lmgrd.exe program then runs the Sonnet daemon, sonnetd.exe. The sonnetd.exe program checks the Sonnet hardware key.

To start up the license manager and enable Sonnet programs, you should perform the following:

    1.  Select Admin  License from the main menu of the Sonnet session tab.

    1.  The Sonnet Administration dialog box appears on your display with the License page selected.
    2.  If it is not already selected, click on the Setup tab in the License page.

    1.  Click on the Lmtools button in the Setup tab.

The FLEXnet Lmtools interface appears on your display with the Server/License file page displayed.

    1.  Click on the Configuration using Services radio button in the Lmtools interface. The appearance of the Lmtools interface changes; there is now a list of available FLEXnet services.

    1.  Check the entry in the list of services and verify that the correct version of the Sonnet license manager is selected. If it is not, click on the “Sonnet 17.xx” entry line. The selected line is highlighted in blue.
    2.  Click on the Start/Stop/Read tab in the Lmtools interface. A list of FLEXnet license services should appear with the “Sonnet 17.xx” entry highlighted.

    1.  Click on the Start Server button to start the license manager, lmgrd.exe. The message “Server Starting” appears on the Status bar at the bottom of the Lmtools interface.
    2.  Click on the Server Status tab in the Lmtools interface.
    3.  Click on the Perform Status Enquiry button. The status should appear in the scroll box just below the button and appear similar to that shown below.

    1. Once the License Manager is up and running and licenses are available, you may execute any of the Sonnet programs for which you have a license.

If you receive an error message, please refer to Troubleshooting which provides solutions for the more commonly encountered problems.