Starting FLEXnet Automatically

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To setup the FLEXnet license manager to execute automatically upon startup do the following:

    1.  Select Sonnet 17.xx  Sonnet from the Windows desktop Start menu.

The Sonnet session window appears on your display.

    1.  Select Admin  License from the main menu of the Sonnet session window.

The Sonnet Administration dialog box appears with the License page selected.

    1.  If it is not already selected, click on the Setup tab in the License page, then click on the Lmtools button.

The FLEXnet Lmtools interface appears on your display with the Server/License File page shown.

    1.  Click on the Configuration using Services radio button.
    2.  Check the entry in the list of services and verify that the correct version of the Sonnet license manager is selected. If it is not, click on the “Sonnet 17.xx” entry line. The selected line is highlighted in blue.
    3.  Click on the Config Services tab in the Lmtools interface. The page is displayed in the Lmtools interface.
    4.  Set the Start Server at Power-Up checkbox to “on.”

You must first check the Use Services checkbox before the Start Server at Power-up checkbox is enabled. It requires Administrator privileges to alter these settings.