Licensing Overview

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Sonnet licenses are controlled by a license manager, FLEXnet, which uses a license file to control the software availability. You access FLEXnet through the Lmtools interface. To invoke this interface, select Sonnet 17.xx  Sonnet from the Windows desktop Start menu. The Sonnet session window appears on your display. Select Admin  License from the main menu of the Sonnet session window.

This interface allows you to start, stop and obtain a status on the license manager.

The Service/License File page of the interface allows you to select a Service. Service choices exist if you have multiple vendors using FLEXnet. The Config Services page also allows you select the license manager program, “lmgrd,” the license file, “sonnet.lic” and the log file, “flexnet.log.” for the service selected on the Service/License page. Note that these are set to the default when the software is installed and are updated automatically upon selection of a different service.

You may have multiple license managers running simultaneously from multiple vendors. However, you may only run one Sonnet license manager at a time.

Once Start is selected, the license manager program, “lmgrd.exe” is launched. The license manager program uses the license file, “sonnet.lic,” to define the licenses available to the license manager. You receive this file from Sonnet sent in response to the License Request Form.

In most cases, the license file is found at <Sonnet App Data>\licenses\sonnet.lic where <Sonnet App Data> is the location where the Sonnet Application data was installed on your system. To open this folder, select the command Admin  Diagnostics  Explore Sonnet Data Folder from the main menu of the Sonnet session window. Please note that this folder is hidden by default, so you will need to use the above command to access the folder.

The license manager program then launches the Sonnet daemon, “sonnetd.exe” which is specified in the license file. The daemon uses the license file to verify the hardware key or ethernet address.

There are several tools available in the Sonnet Admin menu to facilitate debugging any problem with the licensing. These tools are explained in the troubleshooting scenario.