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It is possible to edit your circuit on a local computer, then run the em analysis on a remote server on your network. A common reason for doing this is that there is a more powerful, faster computer on your network that you want to run your analyses on in order to finish them faster. But the faster machine is in an inconvenient location, so you want to continue editing your circuits on the computer at your desk. Remote processing allows you to do this.

NOTE: Remote em computing is only available if your Sonnet license file includes floating em licenses.

NOTE: If the project you are analyzing uses a Modelithics model component, then both the analysis server and client machine where the circuit is edited require a Modelithics license.

The more powerful, faster computer is your analysis server machine. The computer on your desk is your analysis client machine. For the rest of this discussion, we will refer to these as your server machine and your client machine.

In order to use remote processing, you must set up the server machine on which you will run the analyses and the client machine on which you will edit projects and from which you will submit your analysis jobs. Note that the license server is different from the analysis server and may or may not be a different computer.

The program emserver needs to run on the analysis server computer. This program accepts analysis jobs from client machines for submission on the analysis server.

To run your analyses on a remote server, you must first install Sonnet software on both the server and client machine, obtain your license from Sonnet and ensure that Sonnet is able to run on both machines. See Installation for Most Users in the Windows Installation manual for directions on installing Sonnet on Windows systems and Installation in the Linux Installation manual for direction on installing Sonnet on Linux systems.

To run your analyses on a remote server:

NOTE: If you have a firewall enabled on your analysis server, it must be configured such that the program, “emserver.exe” has permission to run. Please refer to your system administrator for instructions on configuring your firewall.